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Meraviglia Counter

The display counter technology is not just aesthetically beautiful but also functional the meraviglia counter is not just design, it is the result of a continuous technological research increasingly aimed at easing the work of professional pastry chefs, ice cream and chocolate makers. A true revolution in ice cream, semi-frozen, patisserie, praline and chocolate sectors.

The Meraviglia counter the result of our experience the windows of the meraviglia counter are monolithic and stainless steel covered, with rounded internal edges for perfect cleaning. The displays for ice creams and semi-frozen are equipped with hermetic engines designed for very quick cycle inversion.
The glasses are tempered, stratified and with an innovative anti-steam up system. The opening system has been realized through an electromechanical device activated from the operator.
The meraviglia counter foreste temperature and humidity control: a true breakthrough as humidity levels can be regulated for each product displayed. the counter is independant of the surrounding temperature and humidity: a guarantee of excellent preservation in both hot and cold seasons.