Cierreesse develops designs and
systems for locations dedicated
to food and hospitality

Cierreesse works in environments dedicated to food and comfort sectors.
The aim is to create welcoming and refined ambients: patisseries, bakeries, snack shops, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and spas. Our mission is to stimulate sensations, offering a “container” with a high technological “content”.
That is how we spoil our clients’ customers, totally satisfying their needs. Cierreesse addresses to professionals who love their jobs and know the value of their product.

In the market of today, we specialize
in designing, developing and
realizing innovative concepts
for commercial premises

Cierreesse had the intuition to walk hand in hand with craftsmen and guide them through the evolution that followed, making them aware that the market was changing and serviva meant becoming innovative and improving their products. In order to do this, Cierreesse had to evolve too, liasing with partners that shared their know-how in the creation of custom made environments: from counters to product conservation to chairs.
Cierreesse can create a concrete and personalised brand for each and every client.



Cierreesse is established


Flat counters are introduced: a revolution in food display


Cierreesse moves into the new and larger premises in Cabiate (Como) in Via Milano 4


Cierreesse approaches international markets


The launch of the MERAVIGLIA COUNTER


In 2014 cierreesse takes over AMC


The AMC COUNTER is presented at the Sigep fair in Rimini